Here we dive into the history of natural skincare and how key Best Life Botanicals ingredients have been used by women for centuries.

Ancient Egyptians, Indians, Asians and Greek were all famous for having an abundance of natural beauty treatments. Egyptians used sesame oil, nut and olive oils to tighten their skin and reduce wrinkles.

Jojoba Oil – Known to leave a long acting layer of moisture on the skin , this keeps the skin hydrated , It is known to trick the skin, (due to it being very similar to human skin) the skin thinks it has produced enough oil , therefore leaving balanced skin. 

Reducer in redness, increases suppleness to the skin, helps to prevent microbes in turn preventing the growth of bacteria.

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Cleopatra the essence of beauty, used Aloe Vera, nut oils & dead sea salt.

All of these can play a wonderful part to your own skincare regime, to rejuvenate, tone and tighten the skin.

Aloe Vera as we may all be aware helps fight free radicals (environment pollution) which in turn can help provide anti-ageing benefits by improving the skins collagen & elasticity. This amazing plant can help counteract skin conditions (psoriasis & eczema included) with its antimicrobial compounds (why not try our Aloe Vera whippy cream).

egyptian lady

Sea salt in the bath or applied to the skin can help rejuvenate skin and reduce toxins and vend of bacteria. It exfoliates the skin naturally, whilst its minerals nourish the skin. 

Sea salt being a natural detoxifier, removes dead skin cells and encourages regeneration (fresh new skin) which in turn will help dull looking skin and even out skin tone.

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Egyptian skin was known to be dry, due to the high temperatures they lived in, their skin needed constant nourishment. They highly valued milk (coconut included) Honey, Olive Oil and nut oils in the nourishment of their skin, sandalwood and coconut oil.

Ancient Indians 

Indians believed “You should never put on your skin, that was not edible.” Typical ingredients that they used were Turmeric, Neem leaves, Sandalwood, Coconut. 

Coconut oil – Moisturising, soothing & nourishing, its antimicrobial properties can aid in the fight against acne, whilst protecting the skin from harmful bacteria’s, with its anti-fungal properties (Coconut oil can be found in Best Life Botanicals Balms & Whippy Creams).

Retains moisture, aids in healing wounds.

cbd coconut
cbd lemons

Indians would use Lemons to brighten their skin.

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Ayurveda is the Indians Holistic Health care system based on the belief of “Optimal health is achieved when your Body and spirit are in line with the universe”

Ayuvrveda Beauty treatments included bathing & oil treatments, skincare derived from herbs and oils.

indian lady

Indians women balance and wellbeing mirrors their physical beauty.

Ancient Greek 

Ancient Greeks were big lovers of physical beauty, in fact the word “cosmetics” actually came from the Greek word “ Kosmetic Kos’”, which backdates to the 17th century .

Aphrodite the Olympian Greek Goddess of Love & Beauty would use crushed mulberries to colour her lips and cheeks,

She would douse herself in Oils and honey for beautiful skin.


Rose Hip Seed Oil – Made from the seed of wild rosehip fruit, studies show that this cam brighten the skin whilst moisturising, reduces skin pigmentation, due to its high level of Vitamin C makes this oil a powerful anti-aging tool.

The Phenols in rosehip oil contain anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties which help to boost the skins collagen.

greek lady

Sea Buckthorn Oil – The berries from the sea buck thorn plant are said to contain 12 times more Vitamin C than in oranges. Loaded with skin nourishing vitamins and essential fatty acids, which are essential in keeping the cell walls of the skin strong.

Collagen boosting as it contains Vitamin A. Can aid in reducing hyperpigmentation, where the excess melanin forms dark spots or patches.

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Romans were well known for their powerful army’s, and were great advocates of their skincare, using butters, minerals and oils to soothe their skin.

It was in fact the romans who brought the apple over to Britain, now used widely in our food and skincare regimes. 

roman lady

Shea Butter – The shea tree has been nicknamed “The Tree of Life” or “Mother Nature’s Conditioner “, derived from the kernels of the Shea trees fruit, applied to the skin it helps with dryness, blemishes, dark spots and wrinkles all without clogging pores.

cbd shea butter

Rosehip Oil was used to soothe skin as well as used for wrinkles. Balms are great for skin conditions to this day, with the right essential oils and plants, they can be used to address pain and skin conditions (Best life botanicals Balm & Best life Botanicals face serum).

All these Ancient Civilisations relied solely on nature to provide medical and skin care solutions.

Best Life Botanicals will strive to continue innovating to find the finest, natural skincare!

Just as Mother Nature Intended!

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