FULL SPECTRUM CBD OIL 30%/3000mg - 10ml


FULL SPECTRUM CBD OIL 30%/3000mg – 10ml

CBD sourced from EU farms that are organic and tested our CBD is full spectrum. We stay true to this wonderful plant by only mixing our CBD with organic hemp oil. Designed to help you take a deep breath in and feel calm, see things that little bit clearer, our CBD is 100% legal and non-high inducing, toxin free, all-natural oil.

Please consult with your GP before taking CBD.


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FULL SPECTRUM CBD OIL 30%/3000mg - 10ml

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30% Strength CBD Oil Helps With:

– Helps with inflammation, moderate to severe joint and muscle pain

– Fights insomnia

– Healing the body against disease

– Reduces stress and depression

– Digestion issues

– Hormone balancing

How to use:

Drop the CBD oil underneath your tongue and wait for 30-60 seconds, allowing the oil to enter your bloodstream.


1 – 2 Drops Three Times Daily