EUCALYPTUS 3%/300mg CBD BALM - 15ml


EUCALYPTUS 3%/300mg CBD BALM – 30ml

A blend of Shea butter and Coconut oil (Unrefined) alongside our Full Spectrum CBD. Eucalyptus oil is a well-kept secret, a natural remedy that can soothe many types of joint and muscular pain. A remedy for cold sores due to its potent anti-inflammatory affects and is even used in native Australian communities to disinfect wounds.

This incredible oil paired with our key botanical ingredient (CBD), which interacts with the body’s natural endocannabinoid system to target and reduce pain, creates a perfect plant powered balm for all your aches and pains.


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EUCALYPTUS 3%/300mg CBD BALM - 15ml

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These balms are known to be particularly helpful for conditions including arthritis, stiffness & localized pain. Formulated with natural and organic ingredients.

Vegan: No bees wax, blended with a Mexican plant called Candelia Wax

How to Use:

Apply to clean dry area and rub in start with a small pea size and add more if needed to cover area of skin.

Warning: Avoid contact with the eyes. If this occurs, please rinse immediately.

Key Information:

No Parabens

Free from palm oil

Alcohol free

Vegan friendly


Cruelty free

No artificial fragrance

No synthetic colouring