As the seasons change, it’s not just wardrobe changes you should be focusing on. Yes, you read right! Colder weather is known to wreak havoc on the skin with most common issues being redness, dehydration and dry patches. There’s good news though, make these simple switches and you’ll have problem-free skin during the colder months.

Switch up your cleanser

With the combination of cold winds and the dehydrating central heating, it is a great time to invest in a richer cleanser. With an increase of skin sensitivity, you’ll want something that is gentle yet nourishing. Avoid foam cleansers!

Continue to exfoliate, but be gentler

Exfoliation is a necessary step all year round, we just need to change the way we do it during the colder months. Say goodbye to harsh scrubs that can cause irritation and switch to a creamier or liquid-type one instead.

Focus on hydration

Much like your winter wardrobe, perfecting a winter skincare routine is most about layering. You want to start and end your day with a rich moisturiser. Our Hydrating Salty Mango Butter is perfect option for this. Infused with sweet orange and CBD, this product reduces fine lines, adds moisture and balances oils. Cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise and your skin will be glowing.

Don’t forget other parts of the body

Skincare isn’t just limited to your face! It’s important to look after your entire body during the colder months. Issues such as arthritis, stiffness and localised pain are known to be exacerbated by a change in weather and our CBD balms have been known to help. Simply apply to a clean, dry area and rub in a small pea size. Add more if needed to cover the area of skin.

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